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Deferred Policy

All dates are final unless special arrangements are made with the manager of the bookstore. This is an agreement between Textbook Brokers and the person whose name is printed and signed on the Financial Aid/Rental form. Textbook Brokers agrees not to run this credit or debit card until the deferment date listed. By signing this contract you also give Textbook Brokers permission to run your credit/debit card without it being in our possession for the amount owed; or in multiple increments of $5.00 if the lump sum declines. However, if the loan or grant becomes unavailable to the customer, or if the card fails to run for any reason, including but not limited to: sudden loss of Financial Aid eligibility, receipt of Financial Aid moneys through alternative means other than bank account on file, or course dropping or withdrawal voluntarily or unintentionally, he or she agrees to make full payment on the bill by arranging alternative payment. If for any reason the undersigned has put another form of payment on file with the company for any reason, past or present, this payment method is authorized for use to cover any outstanding balance at the point in time the above criteria for “making good on the debt” are not met. In the event that the undersigned fails to make payment within the time-frame and no additional arrangements are made to satisfy the debt, the undersigned authorizes additional charges (30%) to be accumulated to the customer’s debt to cover the cost of collections and penalties, including late fees. Failure to pay may result in prosecution. In the event the account becomes past due and must be placed for collection, the signed customer will be responsible for court costs, reasonable attorney’s fee and collection agency fees for the amount sent for collection. It is NOT the responsibility of Textbook Brokers to notify the customer in regards to overdue payments, missed payments, etc. By signing this agreement, you agree that the information on this receipt (name, address, phone number, email, deferment date and books purchased) are correct and assume full responsibility for their payment.

Rental Policy

Our rental agreement states the following: I will return the rented materials to TEXTBOOK BROKERS on or before the rental return date. The rental return date is the last day of classes. The bookstore is NOT responsible for reminding me of the rental return date and is NOT responsible for returns that are lost or damaged. I am fully responsible for the condition of the materials rented to me and for payment of fees and replacement costs if rented materials are lost, stolen or returned in unacceptable condition. Unacceptable conditions include, but are not limited to; water damage, pages torn out, binder spine fraying or falling apart, excessive highlighting and writing on pages, and missing CD's or other study aides. Light damage on books is acceptable (mild highlighting, bent corners, etc) but If the book is too damaged (stained, torn, water-damaged, pages ripped out, etc). I will have to pay for the purchase price minus the price already paid for the rental. All rented materials are subject to these conditions and Textbook Brokers will decide what is or is not acceptable at the time the rented materials are returned. If I fail to return the rented materials by the rental return date printed on my receipt, the credit card on file with Textbook Brokers will be charged a $10 late fee PER book. Then afterwards, the date being of Textbook Brokers discretion, I will be charged for the price of the book minus what was already paid for the rental. Retail price is based on current values at the time of replacement. If the credit card on file is declined or has been cancelled, the account will be turned over to a collections agency with an additional 30% accumulated to cover the cost of collections.


Shipping Policies

If you're order is over $50, we'll take care of the shipping costs. That's right, they are FREE! On average, you can expect your book(s) 2 - 3 business days after the day they are ordered. For in-store pickup, they're ready immediately!